Dishes you must try during your visit to Armenia

Dishes you must try during your visit to Armenia

What dishes you must try in Armenia if you are in this sunny country for the first time?

To understand the flavor of the country, you must definitely try the local cuisine. But remember that you need to try just really delicious dishes. If suddenly you did not like the dish, try it at the another restaurant. In order to be sure of the correct preparation of the meal, visit the most popular places in Yerevan. There the cooks will certainly feed you deliciously, the cozy atmosphere and the cost of dinner will pleasantly surprise you! One of such places is the Amira Palace Hotel. Pleasant atmosphere, delicious food, unusual rooms with a jacuzzi, pools and saunas, what else is needed for a wonderful relaxing holiday?

What kind of dishes should you try to understand the real flavor of Armenia? The first thing, of course, is juicy and tasty Armenian kebab. Not a single holiday in Armenia goes without a barbecue. There is even a special dance for this dishes, which, according to tradition, the waiters dance when serving barbecue at events. In Armenia, they really know how to handle meat and make unusually tasty Khorovats (the name of barbecue in Armenian). You can order a barbecue in almost any cafe or restaurant. There are several variations of barbecue, but all of them are same delicious and juicy.

Also try the Kufta. This is a type of meat balls, boiled or fried. The most popular types of this dish are ordinary Kufta and Ishli kufta. Ordinary Kufta is made from meat that has been beaten to a state of puree. It is cooked in a fragrant broth with spices and has a shape of big balls. The meat is so tender and aromatic that it just melts in your mouth. This dish is worth a try. Ishli kufta looks like minced meat patties, but rather only in shape, since the taste is just extraordinary! For cooking it you have to use the minced meat and put the filling of finely crushed nuts inside. The oval-shaped pices are sprinkled with bulgur and grilled or baked. This dish is served with lemon. The taste is so unusual and amazng that it is impossible to come off.

The next dish, of course, is tolma. Armenia is associated with it, as well as with barbecue. In fact, there are several types of tolma – common with grape leaves, summer tolma and pasuc tolma. Plain tolma is made from minced meat with rice and herbs wrapped in grape leaves. Grape leaves can be either fresh or canned, depending on the season, but it does not affect the taste. Pasuc tolma is rather a veggie version of ordinary tolma. Beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas are wrapped in grape or canned cabbage leaves. A well-seasoned and deliciously prepared dish will surprise any foodie. Of course, this version of tolma will be more experimental for tourists, but it is definitely worth a try.

Summer tolma  will be more familiar to tourists. To cook it Armenians use seasonal vegetables such as peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, fresh cabbage, etc. All ingredients are stuffed with minced meat,  rice and herbs. Also  quince or sour apples are added to the broth during the cooking for a richer taste. Tolma is usually eaten with matsun (fermented milk product) or sour cream.

Armenia can also treat and surprise you with different pilafs. In addition to the usual rice and meat versions, on Easter  the Armenian hosts prepare a special pilaf from rice, dried fruits, nuts and eggs. Pilaf turns out to be moderately sweet, with a delicious fried crust of eggs and has a really  juicy taste.

If you are going to visit Lake Sevan, try the Sevan trout. It is served in different variations, but we especially want to note the delicious kebabs from this fish. Well, this is not a complete list, but the most basic dishes that all tourists must try Armenia.

We hope that now you will definitely know what you should taste in hospitable Armenia!