What to take with you when traveling in Armenia

What to take with You when traveling in Armenia ? This checklist will help you not to lose sight of the right things and, conversely, not to grab too much.

What to take with you when traveling in Armenia

For traveling in Armenia, you need to take only the most necessary things. In order to see the most amazing and beautiful places you will have to ride around the country. If you come at summer, pay attention to the weather. It is very hot in Armenia, so during the daytime you can very quickly be burnt. Wear the comfortable cotton clothes and sunglasses to prevent such an unpleasant situation. Also, you have to know that in different regions of Armenia there is a large temperature difference. For example, it’s +40 in July afternoon in Yerevan, near Lake Sevan you will find a cool weather, +22 with a nice breeze. So, when you are traveling around the country, look at the weather and try to take warm clothes too.

Armenia is a country with the most friendly and benevolent people. Almost everyone with a very few exceptions here understand Russian, so Russian speakers do not need a translator. With any question, you can contact a passerby in Russian, and responsive citizens will help you. Also, many people speak English and other foreign languages. Road signs in Yerevan are duplicated in English. It makes travel very convenient for tourists. Also, many signs and names are written not only in Armenian, but also in English or Russian. Traveling in Armenia without knowledge of languages ​​is very comfortable.

If you want to travel to Armenia, be ready that the Armenian feasts are very long and endlessly delicious. But such an abundant amount of delicious barbeque can make you feel heaviness in the stomach. It’s normal for tourists, unaccustomed to such a feast. This unpleasant feeling can be easily removed with special medicine sold in any pharmacy. It is not difficult to acquire the necessary medicines in pharmacies, because Russian-speaking pharmacists will always help and answer your questions. Also in Armenia you can buy tablets by piece.

Any missing or forgotten thing can always be purchased. The most important thing is to take care of documents and money. Armenia has its own currency – dram. You can find exchanges in supermarkets and on the large city streets. It is really not difficult. Usually the exchange rate is more advantageous in exchanges at the large supermarkets, than at the airport. During your travel, especially to some distant places, it is better to bring some cash, as it may not be possible to pay with a card.

And finally, we would like to advise you to keep your smartphone or camera charged. Also bring the additional hard drive for many beautiful photos that will remind you of a wonderful and colourful trip to Armenia.

What to take with you when traveling in Armenia

What to take with you when traveling in Armenia ? Only the most necessary things, because everything else — wonderful people, wonderful weather, atmospheric places and delicious food — is already here.